Tadpole Trap Rates


$160 per month

Without toad collection


$90 per month

Trapping services for customers with toad collection 

Rates are per trap. Traps will be serviced TWO times per month in the Fall and Winter and FOUR times per month in Spring and Summer. 

Pictured at right: Actual tadpole traps from Toad Busters. Look at how many dangerous toads were prevented from entering our customer's yard in a SINGLE WEEK!

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For maximum results, if your home is near a body of water such as a lake or pond, allow us to trap cane toad tadpoles.


Cane toads' rate of reproduction is staggering and they breed YEAR 'ROUND! Catching tadpoles en masse, before they become dangerous adults, will make a significant difference in the number of cane toads you'll ever see.


The traps have a poison that's an attractant to cane toads specifically.  Make a huge dent in your cane toad population with tadpole trapping!